Artist statement

I am fascinated by the natural world, how things evolve from sound and how our thought forms stemmed from feelings create our reality.

In surrendering oneself to the moment, creativity becomes a meditation in motion. Dots and lines are guided intuitively on a cosmic journey by a spontaneous source of rhythm; the creative process of these works is as integral as the finished piece.

My art is a depiction of surround sound vibrating in patterns drawn from inner truth.


 Pashet was born to prolific artist parents, Paul Schmidt and Margery Bradfield, in the little coastal town, East London in South Africa, 1975.

Surrounded by this constant creative presence lead to art becoming her passion in life and later her calling.

She studied fine art and design at JHB school of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music followed by commercial digital design for advertising; Although she considers her parents to be her mentors from early years of dedicated training.

Pashet’s work was later influenced by studying the fractals and rhythms of nature while traveling Africa.

Based in London for the last 20 years, her dedication to art  and meditation has helped transform her own life’s journey which in turn has peeled back the layers of surrealism to reveal more abstract patterns of resonating waves and particles, a reminder of the essence we are made of.

A refreshingly unique signature style and illuminated colour spectrum brings Pashet’s work to life in these poetically charged artworks.

Sothebys Review from – Art saves humanity

Overall, the ecosystem created in Pashet’s work is fascinating. Her work represents an embodiment of imaginative pattern that makes us think of constellations or marine cells and animals. It looks surrealistic due to what we are accustomed to observing daily, though it suggests that, in some way, our future will reflect these intricate blueprints and we as humans will be a part of this. On the other hand, both the faint and warm temperature of the colours, transmit a very tranquillising and beautiful image for the human eye. All of this is introspective and sensitive. The fact that this is mixed media makes it ever more appealing due to the different textures of the work.
I hope to see it in person one day.


Oct 2021 – Group show, 39 pieces by 9 artists – Artonique joins Artsy for ‘The UK art collection’ online

Sept 2021 – Art projections & group show – Lovejam Festival, Cambridgeshire

Aug 2021 – Art projections – Medicine festival, Reading

May 2020 – ‘Art saves humanity’ See:me Gallery and Sothebys review

Feb 2020 – Art projections – Extinction underground Vault group show, London

Dec 2019 – Black – Group exhibition supporting autism – Crypt Gallery, London

Nov 2016 – 17 – Art show for sacred ceremony -Mind body spirit Wellbeing festival, Birmingham

May 2015 – Art Platform – Charity Exhibition – Second Floor studios, London

Oct 2014 – Group show case presented by Mammadova Scott – Aqua, London

May 2014 – Art Platform – Charity Exhibition – Second Floor studios, London

Mar 2011/12 – Solo collection – The Alchemy Centre – Camden, London

Feb 2011 – Solo Exhibition – Cielo Gallery – Mayfair, London

Nov 2010 – Solo Exhibition – Cielo Gallery – Mayfair, London

Oct 2010 – Solo Exhibition – Brickhouse – Brick Lane, London

July 2008 – Solo Exhibition – Artspace Gallery – Mayfair, London

Feb 2001 – Group Exhibition – The Foundry – Old street, London

May 1997 – Group Exhibition – Ann Bryant Gallery, South Africa